Attending a Chinese school

Too excited to sleep well, I got up early to go for a short walk and bumped into John Ralph, our assistant principal who was the other supervising teacher. We decided to check out the street breakfast food, found a restaurant that looked clean and respectable and enjoyed a quick dumpling and green tea. As we were enjoying this, our students were actually being dropped off near us so we could say hi before they actually started the school day.

The school also treated us to breakfast with a wide variety of dishes including rice, meats, salads, eggs, steamed buns (pork and custard), yoghurt etc. The yogurt poured out of the bottle just like our milk!!!

Day two of activities and learning at Beijing no 27 school included:

  • Breakfast in the dining room
  • Handicrafts class- Chinese Knots
  • Martial Arts
  • Lunch in the School Dining Room
  • Paper Cutting
  • Afternoon Excercise
  • Simulated Flight Class
  • Chinese Folk Music performance in the Auditorium

One response to “Attending a Chinese school

  1. Loving what you are doing. What a great adventure. You are a great role model for teachers world wide. Cheers Junita

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