Technology choice in student outcomes

Kiaras scratch book

Providing students with a set of skills  in  a variety of technology tools and apps is essential. When outcomes  are set,  students should be encouraged to choose the tools for presentation.

Year 8 students were asked to create an animated and interactive digital book for my 2 and 4 year old grandchildren. (See their assignment) They were learning how to create media for different audiences. The animal theme was up to them. Sound and action buttons were to be added to provide extra engagement. The end result was to be embedded as a post on their blog. They were encouraged to use MS Powerpoint for its ease of use and ability to be embedded easily into their blog.

To my delight, one of the year 8 students, Kiara, converted her presentation into Scratch. She added the images as stage backgrounds and  buttons and arrows  as sprites.

Having used Scratch to create games in the GamesNET project with ACMI last year, she has continued to be creative and innovative in its application. See Kiara’s ebook on African Animals 

Compare this with the Powerpoint Presentation from other students Baby Farm Animals by Milla and African Animals by Megan and Farm Animals by Dominic


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