Learning Adventures in the Connected Early Years Classroom

Today, I presented at the Future Schools Conference in Sydney on the topic of Learning Adventures in the Connected Early Years Classroom. See my presentation below:-

An online resource google document was shared so that most of my links and resources could be accessed after the conference. The presentation shared my adventures with my

  1. prep/year one ICT class when there were no ICT learning standards for this age group in Victoria
  2. my experiences with my older students collaborating, connecting and creating with prep-2 age groups from both Australia and across the globe.

Draft ISTE standards student standards learning standards include the following:

  • the global collaborator
  • creative communicator/creative learner/creator and communicator
  • digital citizen

Part of the presentation explored how people safely use common information systems with a discussion on avatars, privacy, plaguarism etc.

Self Checkins

Self Checkins





2 responses to “Learning Adventures in the Connected Early Years Classroom

  1. I think your presentation was wonderful. It was interesting and exciting to hear your stories and how you have used your isolation in terms of technology/location to connect globally with many communities around the world. What rich learning experiences you have provided for your students. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you Debra for this feedback. We can teach our little ones appropriate use of online communication and collaboration from an early age and start them off in many of the important skills that they will need as they enter a global workforce. Hope you got some ideas that you can take back to your class. Many of the tools illustrated could be done collaboratively just within a class but adding that global element really pushes learning further.

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