Monthly Archives: February 2016

The OZeLIVE conference – online, free from the comfort of your chair!

The OZeLIVE conference is on this weekend. Lucy Gray has already kickstarted the conference with a great presentation on Going Global: Project-Based Learning with an International Focus The recording is a must see as Lucy shared many projects, ideas, ways to get connected and advice for successful participation or leadership in global projects.

Julie Lindsay also leads the way in global connectedness and collaboration with The Dragon that Roars – the Imperative of Online Global Collaborative Learning tomorrow morning at 9am, Melbourne Australia time. Many other sessions follow over the weekend. This conference is on in Australia friendly time and features a number of innovative Australian educators together with others from across the world. Check out the program here, choose your time zone, scroll through the program and  join in all or some of the sessions and conversations.

Hope to see you there!


“Peace Across the World” – A Global Message


Lorraine Leo from the USA and  Yoshiro Myata, Japan, the founder of the World Museum Project requested us to compose messages for “Peace Across the World” for the World Peace Song project partners at the beginning of the peace workshop in Bangkok, Thailand, February 3.

In this World Peace Song workshop the focus will be on creating a peace song for Syrian children. We look forward to sharing your messages of peace and our beautiful World Peace Song with workshop attendants in Thailand.

As time was short, students in year 7 were asked to compile their thoughts. It was then  shared as a text update on the  World Museum Edmodo networking site. Following is the collaborative message from my students:

Peace is awesome. Peace is the most wonderful thing to share with the world and is definitely something we need more of. It is about giving, helping each other out, enjoying ourselves and others and not fighting. Peace is when everybody is happy and working as a team. Peace is what we all want and shows with happiness and laughter all around the world.

What would your message be?