The Hour of Code


This week celebrates the Hour of Code #hourofcode across the world – December 7th -13th. On day one of this week, lesson one at school, I had a combined year 7-9 class. They were highly engaged in completing challenges for the Hour of Code, using drag and drop blocks by  Building a Galaxy in Star Wars followed by Minecraft. The more competent or experienced students used the javascript tutorials.

girls on code

The Code to Learn tutorials are great because:

  1. small video clips feature people across the world explaining what the students are to do.
  2. The challenges feature topical animations and games that students are familiar with.
  3. The graphics are great
  4. Students were able to follow the user friendly instructions.
  5. A certificate is given once the challenge is completed.
  6. the amazing part was that three students who struggle with literacy and maths etc in the classroom were the fastest at completing the challenges!!!

lachie on code

Here is what we did:

  • Discussed ways technology impacts our lives, with examples both boys and girls will care about (Talk about saving lives, helping people, connecting people, etc.).
  • As a class, listed things that use code in everyday life
  • Watched the following videos as an introduction

Students then wrote down instructions the actions that need to be taken to leave the classroom for lunch time eg logoff computer, stand up, push in chair, turn right, take 5 steps, turn right, take 15 steps, open door, turn left, take 30 steps to lockers to pack books away etc etc. Then discussed how this would look in code.

Student tasks:

  • Signed up for the hour of code
  • Spent an hour learning how to code by accessing an online tutorial using ‘drag and drop’ blocks of code in Star Wars and Minecraft.
  • Saved a copy of their certificates (given to them on completion)
  • Added the certificate to a post on their blog
  • Printed a copy of their certificate to take home

Teacher Resources

  1. Start here
  2. How to do the Hour of Code
  3. Check out these teaching tips
  4.  Calling all teachers and learners of code
  5. Making webpages with the Khan Academy

bailey on code.jpg

Further videos, if time permits

  1. What most schools dont teach
  2. Anybody can Learn code
  3. The Hour of Code is Here



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