Celebrate Learning without Borders – results of a 2 day Skypeathon!

Celebrate Learning without Borders was a 2 day Skypethon event organised by Skype. During these two days, teachers and classes were encouraged to connect with others locally and globally. Students in our school were given the opportunity to connect with Anthony Salcito, who is Vice President of Education globally for Microsoft. See the video created to share snippets.

Anthony called into 33 classrooms non-stop on December 3rd, starting at 4pm in Seattle with a call to Auckland, New Zealand, and finishing with a classroom in Microsoft’s backyard, Bellevue Washington. During the 24 hours he called into classrooms in New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Philippines, Korea, Sri Lanka, Egypt, India, South Africa, Kenya, Macedonia, Norway, Austria, Russia, Ireland, UK, Finland, Canada, Argentina, Puerto Rico and the USA.


As our school is nearing the end of the year, classes were mixed and we were able to connect directly with Anthony Salcito and Redfields School, in India. But another post will cover this. Did you participate in the skypeathon? What were your experiences in learning?


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