Playing it safe with location privacy settings on Smart Phones

phone privacy1

Year 7 and 8 students have watched this  engaging short video Mobile Location Privacy in a Nutshell, that demonstrates how to make sure location settings are set to private when using your smart phone. Great to share with your students  to keep them as safe as possible, explaining the potential dangers of revealing location information.

After watching the video, students took out their phones and checked their location settings. There was a mix of settings on and off. We also discussed when and why we might want the settings turned on, remembering to turn them off immediately after.  Geotagging and why organisations use this, was also discussed. This was an engaging topic for the students.

Do you have any resources to share?


One response to “Playing it safe with location privacy settings on Smart Phones

  1. Certainly an eye opener! Not only are many children unaware of mobile location, unfortunately many parents are as well. We are currently running a campaign on increasing awareness about the dangers children are exposed to on Instagram. We were surprised by how many children and parents were unaware of exactly what privacy settings were all about and how important they were to safety online, especially for children as they are particularly vulnerable on social media. We put together a post on Instagram privacy settings, what they all mean and how you can keep your child safe, you can find our post here….

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