Learning at the DLTV Conference – #DigiCon15

Keynote - comedian Anne Edmonds

Keynote – comedian Anne Edmonds

It is many years since I have attended this conference physically. Although I have presented virtually over the last 3 years, it is good to attend the Victorian Technology Educators conference -and catch up with many of my Victorian colleagues who I have worked with closely – and also to make new acquaintances. The conference offered a few different features to both presenters and participants:-

  • a charger for mobile devices (which featured the logos/names of all the exhibitors) instead of the usual carry away bag full of promotional flyers. (everyone loved this)
  • a gift certificate for presenters offering a donation to the charity of their choice.
  • a fringe festival (a little like the ignite sessions at ISTE) that ran parallel to the many formal sessions
  • keynote speakers were all Victorian educators, except for Anne Edmonds who is a Victorian comedian. (We all liked featuring our own successful/innovative educators rather than bringing in external speakers.

Other features:

  • people were to prebook for the formal sessions but could choose to go to any on the day provided room was available.
  • good food and networking
  • approximately 400 attendees which kept it to more intimate levels.

Social media used

  • the twitter hashtag was #DigiCon15
  • a conference app using YAPP
  • Jenny Ashby was busy using Periscope to video many of the presentations
  • Roland Gesthuizen and Amanda Rabbin captured many other sessions using google hangouts!
Deanne Joost - Virtual Drama

Deanne Joost – Virtual Drama

Sessions that I attended included:

  1. Informatics – a session that explained the new study design for 2016 in VCE IT
  2. Virtual Drama – this was a great session with Deanne Joosten as presenter. She talked about teaching VCE drama to a class that included 3 remote schools together with her own face to face. She share the many tools that she used to engage them and ensure that they were learning. These included: skype, MS Lync, sway, office mix, voki, padlet, OneNote, powtoon, quizlet, weebly and nearpod. See more in her blog Inspired Creative Tech.
  3. The afternoon keynote with Corrie Barclay who shared experiences, student work and a lot of pertinent advice for teachers.
  4. The Internet of Things and how it could be used in school. This is a topic of high interest and the mechanics of the Internet of Things was shared with a number of devices on display. objects at the internet of things
  5. My presentation completed the day “Look No Walls”. The resource document can be found here. 


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