When students become the experts and teachers!

Video call snapshot 65

A recent mystery skype linkup, connected year 7 ICT class with a YouthSpark initiative event in  Seattle, on Puget Sound in the Pacific Northwest.The  events connect educators and administrators to resources, programs, and tools to support their students in STEM (USA) and a round of mystery skype is often played to share the incredible digital communication skills students have built by playing it.

An email had come through with the following request:

It would be incredible wonderful if you could have a Mystery Skype session with our group our teachers at 6:15 PM in Seattle, Washington on Wednesday, 05/20.

We hope to meet at 11:15 AM your time on Thursday, 05/21. We would be grateful to have your students join the call. The typical way we play Mystery Skype would include a speaker and camera on both sides.  We also have classes take turns asking Yes or No questions. This game would be your Australian students vs. our American teachers (who have never played before).We like to demonstrate the Skype in the Classroom program to educators through playing a round of Mystery Skype with students.

Year 7 ICT students agreed to play Mystery Skype with them. We gathered up some Australiana, set up my laptop, connected it to a monitor and video called in

Video call snapshot 70

As US classes had finished for the day, our school day was just beginning. Participants had to ask questions that required a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer and our students became the experts and teachers!

Comparing money

Comparing money

The highlights

  1. The facilitating leaders in Seattle were experienced players and our students loved their dynamic, animated and enthausiastic approach.
  2. It was an engaging and highly motivating session for all involved.
  3. The Seattle leaders had produced signage eg “Yes”, “No”, “Thinking time”, “Great response” etc which was placed up to the webcam fo
  4. The microphones were left on at all times, so that each side of the world could hear any responses, the general chat and gauge the atsmosphere etc
  5. A quick sharing session of objects that we had on us eg money, school uniform
  6. Sharing of pictures to show what our schools looked like
The school in Puget Soundb

The school in Puget Sound

A wave to say goodbye

A wave to say goodbye

please note that the pics featured were taken within skype.


2 responses to “When students become the experts and teachers!

  1. This sounded like a wonderful experience! Thanks for sharing!

    • annemirtschin

      Thanks, Pat for visiting this post and leaving a comment. It was a wonderful experience and really brought out the best in the students.

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