A Global Thunderstorm

Patricia Davis  and Vicki  Foster  presented a session called “Increasing Student Achievement Through Nonlinguistic Teaching Strategies”. I happened to drop into the moderators lounge to see if anyone needed help and was asked to look after Patricia’s session and what a wonderful session to moderate!

This session fascinated me as it gave approaches to communicating through avenues other than text. They emphasised involving the 5 senses to get the best impact in learning.

It gave me  a number of ideas to use in our class global connections. The presenters spoke convincingly, had some great illustrated slides and used a wonderful interactive activity where we first looked at a slide with a picture of lightning on it, then each of us were given an element of a thunderstorm eg rain, lightning, thunder. We turned on our microphones and simultaneously made our sounds together to create a global thunderstorm.

Listen to the Recording and their website can be found at Denovolearning


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