The Global Education Conference 2014

This coming week features the Global Education Conference -one of my favourite online conferences – an amazing conference involving potentially the world. Presenters and participants do come from across the world. Sessions are predominantly in English but other languages are starting to feature now. See the schedule, choose your own time zone first and spend time looking at all the sessions on offer.

My involvement:-

Sessions of global colleagues who are also presenting. These people are part of my networking groups and special to me.

Which ones have I missed? What sessions can you recommend? Make sure you attend at least a few session of #globaledcon





2 responses to “The Global Education Conference 2014

  1. Reblogged this on My e-teaching e-xperiences and commented:
    This annual event is a must for me. I am not going to present jn my own this year, but I am going to contribute to our joint HLWS/Hello Little World Skypers presentation and join as many sessions as I can. I have already found new educators to follow on Twitter.

  2. Thanks for the mention Anne! It was great to be able to present there!

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