Spring is in the air at school!

roses and treer
bird aviaryr

Hawkesdale P12 College is set in a beautiful rural landscape. It is surrounded by farms, most of our students travel to school on a bus and either live on farms or in small country towns. Spring is highly evident now, as the gardens are blooming, the birds are hatching eggs and the vegetable gardens producing well. There is a “Birds Club” with student representatives purchasing and looking after the birds.

The school bird aviary is like a nursery this week with the arrival of baby quail and diamond doves. The bird aviary is one of a number of special clubs and leadership oportunities that have offered students the opportunity to explore special interests. A pathway has been added to the aviary at a recent working bee and a new chook house will arrive shortly.
eggs and chickens

The 9/10 Agricultural students have placed duck eggs in the incubator and they will soon hatch.

There is a “green thumbs group” led by one of our teacher assistants. Vegetables are growing well in the new wicker containers and will soon be picked.  A section of our school garden has been reworked into a fairy garden. Projects like this aim to build on student interest and builds pride in their school.

primary gardenr


fairy gardenr


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