The Amazing eClassroom

Reinventing the Classroom is an online, free conference which starts tomorrow (my time) and continues over the next few days. I am proud to be a keynote presenter on the topic: “The Amazing eClassroom”.  Please join me by clicking on this link just prior to 10am (gmt+10), Melbourne Australia time. See timeanddate for your time and day.

There is a wonderful lineup of presenters and keynotes over the next two days, so please check out the schedule link on the right hand side of Reinventing the Classroom, choose your time zone and you can select sessions you wish to join. Let’s all join together and Reinvent the Classroom as creative and innovative use of technology has the power to do so.

Will you be attending? Would love to see you there.  Here is the link to a document that contains the resources for this presentation and the code below will also take you there.

qr code for presentation


You can watch this presentation on youtube Amazing eClassrooms


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