Diigo – the students dig it!

The educators group on diigo

The educators group on diigo

Although I use any tools to curate eg scoopit, educlipper, symbaloo, delicious etc, my favourite is still diigo. Why?

  1. It is the quickest  and easiest way for me to add  urls for future retrieval
  2. Easy to tag (categorize) and pull up the tags
  3. Has a groups function and have joined a number of educational groups eg Global Education Conferencand Educators

This morning I decided it was time to study cloud computing a little more with my year 12 students, discuss how they bookmark (they all just used favourite son their computer), get the to register for diigo, add bookmarks, tag the bookmarks, add notes and commence bookmarking some essential online sites (essential resources) for IT.

Within 15 mins of registering, they discovered the social bookmarking aspects – created a class subject group, added each other to the group, added comments, changed the images and discovered the chat.  Images can also be bookmarked and they taught me so much more. I love learning with the students, who just push software and tools in all directions and show me how even more valuable many of these tools can be.


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