The engagement of Flat Connections Project

Teaching in a small prep to year 12 school sometimes comes with its challenges. Subject choice can be restricted for students. Class sizes and budget often means that the only way subjects can run at senior levels is for the two year levels of  VCE be combined in one subject area. As such I teach a total class size of 16  year 11 and 12 students in one class but following two different currciular. (or should that be curriculums).

The girls love to network

The girls love to network

Students who would not normally be pursuing a full VCE, will often attempt subjects for which they may not be suited. This year, I have a number of challenging, disengaged students at both levels. They are easily distracted by other online activities and reluctant to do any theory work. The year 11 portion are participating in the Flat Connections Global Project Usually students enjoy joining the ning adding their profiles, customizing their pages etc

However for one of my students even this was too much. He wrote in his profile “I live in a house” and that was it — “I live in a house” I nearly saw red, then quietly explained how nearly everyone around the world lived in a house. Other global students were more interested in what the house was like, what it looked like where they live, what they do after school.

After much nagging, he finally wrote a little more that he lived on a farm and liked shooting! Next discussion with me – “There are students in the project from USA who may be upset that you are shooting! What do you shoot? Be specific!”  By the end of the 50 minute lesson he had a brief profile that shared how he lived on a farm and liked to go shooting to get rabbits and foxes! I was on the verge of finding another subject for this student!


So, it was with some dread that I entered the classroom today, only to be greeted by “Guess what, Miss!” by this same student! He was woken up last night by his mobile phone alerting him to the fact that two students in the USA had commented on his handshake post! One of the students also liked shooting and his targets were turkeys, squirrels etc. He shared the names of guns he used and wanted to know what guns my student used…..  and so a now highly engaged students commented back, looked for other handshakes to comment on and the wonderful world of global learning just opened right up!!!

The next minute, one of the boys discovered the chat, found one student in USA working at home, trying to work out how to upload a video on to his ning page. Aaron, then responded in the chat exactly how to do it. Peer to peer mentoring is the best way to learn!



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