Tips for Creating Engaging and Effective Online Presentations

As the #ozelive conference approaches, following are some of the tips that I have for presenters to make their webinars engaging and effective. You are invited to add your tips as comments on this post.

  1. If it is your first time presenting  keep it simple but make it effective. 40-45 minutes is ample time to share your presentation.  Allow for questions and anwer them where possible
  2. Use text, wordles, word clouds, images where possible to remind you of what you would like to share (Remember: nervousness may make you forget) Keep text to a minimum – it can be boring! Do not read the text it is even more boring!
  3. Use lots of images but keep images to a small file size ie Do not use high quality images as they may not load in to the virtual room. If possible resize to 600width x 304height, or below 50kb in size. Irfanview is free and is a good digital editing software for windows machines. Or double click on the picture in powerpoint, goto compress pictures and choose email, apply to all.
  4. Where possible add some questions on slide and get participants to answer them in the chat to encourage interactivity.
  5. Add a poll for interactivity and get people to vote  or share their experiences
  6. Start with a slide(s) sharing who you are, what you do, where you are from and your passions. Add an image of yourself so people can see what you look like.
  7. Add your contact details, email address, links to your online sites eg blogs, wikis, websites, twitter handles for further connections, conversations and sharing.
  8. Depending on how much you will speak to each slide, 30-60 slides is a rough guide as  to how many you would need for a 30-45 min presentation.
  9. Preferably use a white background as colour uses up digital space in a virtual room.
  10. Share stories and experiences where possible.
  11. Create a google or online document that shares the links to your resources, contact details and enables questions after the webinar. Provide the link in the chat at varying intervals or create a qr code

What do you look for when attending online conferences? What makes a really effective virtual presentation? Do you have any tips to share from virtual presentations you have made or online conferences you have attended. Please share your views, ideas and resources.


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