The importance of visuals in your profile

visuals in a profile

Recently I was contacted by Linkedin – a great global networking tool that allows connections and networking on a professional basis. I was asked to explain why I uploaded visual content to my profile. This visual content includes presentations that have been uploaded to slideshare, images and video links.

Following are my responses to the questions posed and they would not only be for my linkedin profile but any networking site that allows visuals and media:-

Why did you upload visual content to your LinkedIn profile?

A strong profile is essential to catch a viewers’ attention, tease them to linger longer, learn more about me and connect with me. Visual content and colour add depth to textual information.  Large chunks of text can be boring and tedious to read. People will quickly move on elsewhere. Visual content emits warmth, curiosity, excitement, passion and shares innovation. As global education is a passion, my network is global and imagery helps overcome potential language barriers.

As a teacher many students see themselves as visual learners and I love to share what they do. The innovative work that is done in my classrooms has resulted in requests to present at conferences locally, nationally and globally. To captivate interest and understanding, I put as many images on the presentations as possible. This then inspires and encourages others to do likewise.

As my network is global and many do not speak English as a first language, it helps them understand. If there are too many words, they will struggle to comprehend.  My students have been involved in many global projects and the International Dot Day projects and International Peace Day resulted in some great drawings by my students. It gives readers a glimpse into my personality, passions and work outcomes

How has uploading visual content to your LinkedIn profile helped you in your career?

As visual content sets my profile apart and gives credibility to what I do, it has brought in further valuable connections, special offers relating to education, requests to present at conferences, suggestions of groups that I may be interested in joining, offers of job interviews including international proposals and alerted me to potential career opportunities. As other social media links are provided on my profile there is further opportunity for networking and for ongoing conversations.

No matter the personal occupation, images will help share a person’s abilities, daily activities or employment outcomes. It gives credibility to what I do. All images used are original.  The profile that will be remembered over other profiles, will be the one featuing  images or videos. I want people to see that what I do is important I want to catch attention, make my site interesting and encourage readers to stop and read more about me and innovative learning and teaching. Links are provided to other social media that I am involved in and creates further connections and conversations.

What are your tips for other LinkedIn members?

A strong network is vital to the success of a career or passion. As a strong profile attracts endorsements it elevates you in the search function. It is necessary to:-

  • make the profile as captivating and interesting as possible.
  • Use original images, videos and presentations.
  • Illustrate all profile headings if possible.
  • Ensure your profile avatar is a current or consistent personal photo.
  • Limit text and replace with visual content to convey who you are, what you do well and any personal passions.
  • Update your profile regularly.

Do you use visuals in your profile? Why? What tips would you provide?



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