Christmas on the Farm


At the request of my good friend, Tatyana Chernaya from Moscow, Russia asking for a description of what Christmas looks like on the farm, this post will try and briefly describe how it looks. The Christmas period is always a busy one but its timing for the farm makes it doubly so. It usually means that the hay needs to be cut, raked and baled and this year. At the same time the warmer weather means that the sheep need to be brought home, drafted, checked through, sheep crutched and suitable fat lambs sold at market.

hay bales1

The blackwood wattles and fiery red bottlebrushes are in full flower and make a wonderful contrast against the hay bales.

Black wattle in full bloom

Black wattle in full bloom

A week or so before Christmas, Bruce, my husband, cuts down a young pine tree from the roadside, to place in the house. It is decorated with bright decorations. On Christmas Eve, it is time for a special Children’s Service at our local church where the children replay the nativity scene. On Christmas morning, the children and grandchildren come out to open up their presents from under the Christmas tree.
christmas tree inside
Any of our children who are overseas and unable to come home for Christmas are videoconferenced in via skype. This year, it was Jason and Katrina in London who watched virtually the opening of presents.

Jason & Katrina watch via skype

Jason & Katrina watch via skype

Lunch and the evening meals are times for family gatherings. Our immediate family enjoyed roast turkey, pork and lamb together with a variety of vegetables. The evening meal consisted of cold meats and salads with the extended family coming to our place in the evening. We love to eat outside whenever possible and as the weather was warm we were able to enjoy the meal outside on our patio.

Christmas tree patio

Branches of pine trees set in pots were decorated by the grandchildren! How do you spend Christmas, if you also enjoy celebrating this festival?


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