Students create “Scavenger hunts in qr codes”

Our English teacher gave students a scavenger hunt to complete as part of the end of year program.  Instead of taking an hour to do, they finished it within 20 mins. She was at a loss as to how to fill in the next hour! I suggested to get them to create their own scavenger hunt in qr codes. Below are the instructions and a sample student outcome!

Think about what you could create a scavenger hunt on that could be completed at school! You will need at least 10 clues which will be in a qr code. Here is what you need to do:_

  1. Write down 10 clues eg “Where can I find food at school?”( Could be lunchbox or canteen, online images  or ??? but dont give the answer.)
  2. Open a Word Document. Create a table with 2 columns, 5 rows
  3. Goto either qrstuff or kaywa 
  4. Make sure you choose the text option
  5. Add the clues in one at a time and create the qr code for each clue
  6. Save as an image in a folder on your drive
  7. Insert the qr code into each cell of the table
  8. Add some instructions at the top
  9. Give to another student. They scan the clues and take a photo of each item in your scavenger hunt and add them to another table. The first to complete the table  with pictures wins!

Below is an example of a student generated scavenger hunt in qr codes. They have added their personal sense of humour which could cause mayhem in the school. There was innovation and creativity in both the challenges and the resultant outcomes! But, hey, it is the end of the year! Some required even minecraft challenges!

qr codes rachel and ida1


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