Making my iPad highly useable!

Over the last fews I have done quite a lot of travelling both within my state and internationally. As I am a blogger, a networked and connected teacher and a high technology user, I need technology and access to the internet. My iPad is so easy to take with me as it is compact, weighs little, fits in my handbag and is not bulky. However, as a touch typist, I miss a ‘hard keyboard’ finding the ‘soft keyboard’ too slow.   A year ago, I bought a cheap wireless keyboard for my iPad but it was very chunky and very heavy to take with me and it now sits in a drawer in our home office. Therefore, my laptop continued to be my most frequently used device despite its weight and bulk.

ipad cover

Now I have an eKit iPad Folio Deluxe with a bluetooth keyboard and am extremely impressed with it. As the keyboard is attached to the case, the iPad has become a far more usable device for me. Why?

Mobility The kit is an ‘all in one’  cover and keyboard. It is extremely light and compact making it particularly portable.

Useability: it has a neat stand and frame, clips the iPad into its folio case and  allows good hand positioning at a great viewing angle. It means that I can use my iPad ‘hands free’. Although the keyboard is slim it appears to have almost the same dimensions as the keyboard on my laptop.This makes it very easy to touch type and get my work done quickly and effectively.There is a pairing button and an on/off switch. The top row of keys gives some great shortcuts eg a search key, copy, cut, paste keys, volume controls, soft keyboard etc making it quick and easy to navigate around.  I like that the keyboard illuminates with a shortcut key making it easier to work with in poorly lit situations. 

Security: the cover is durable and protective and has a quick access key to lock the iPad. If you looked at my iPad closed in its cover you would never guess that it had a keyboard inside – it is that slim and light. Maybe my iPad will now take over from my laptop as the device of my choice. The ekit folio deluxe came from Mobile Zap


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