“Must Know” of Facebook for Parents

A ‘hands on’ parent session was held tonight helping them understand about facebook.  A whole lot of learning went on for all of us.

Prior to the evening session

  • Set up a google document  ‘Must knows’ about facebook. This was crowdsourced online through skype and twitter. Year 9 students from school worked with the Health Teachers on the document adding their wisdom,experiences and suggestions.
  • Parents could accept the invitation via email, hard copy or as a comment on the School Facebook Page
  • Facebook was unblocked by technicians for the 24 hours
  • An A3 page was set up with my photo, a profile and a question “What did you do today?” Britt Gow set up a profile complete with phone number, address, children’s names and ages etc on an A3 sheet.
  • Created a simple powerpoint presentation with links and prompts
  • @brittgow offered to help (which was great!) to have another experienced user.
A hard copy - profile, post and comments

A hard copy – profile, post and comments

Approximately 10 people ranging from “non-users” to “hardly ever use” to experienced users of facebook.

The learning space:- hands on in the computer lab.

The Procedures:

  1. As they entered the lab, parents were given a sticky note, answered the question “What did you do today?” using a pen and then stuck the note onto the A3 sheet.
  2. Parents logged on
  3. Watched the common craft video on social networking (facebook)
  4. Discussed the sticky notes on A3 sheet of paper and equated it with posts/updates and comments. Sharing and learning about each other
  5. Britt shared her profile, discussed whether appropriate and why.
  6. “Walked parents through facebook” – posts, home, profile settings, ads, comments, likes etc
  7. Parents registered for a facebook page or checked out their privacy settings, produced updates, comment back, made friends with each other, explored the chat, IM etc.
  8. Everyone produced a screen dump using shift/PrtSc and pasted into a Word document.
  9. Logged off and discussed importance of logging off

The questions: how to untag photos, suggestions on best privacy setting options

Re school page: do we check permission for photos of students published there, do we ever post times, places etc of where and when students will be there (query from parent who has children in custody)

The issues:

  • Parents who were infrequent users forgot passwords. Had to ring or msg home to get password or ask for a new password.
  • Discovered some of children of parents present had their profiles set on public as did some of the infrequent user parents.
  • An unsavoury update existed on one of the parents feeds as her settings were on public before this evening. The parent was immediately helped in blocking that person (who was not a friend), so obviously settings are not secure enough (need to check that our), but what a teachable moment.

The learning was amazing and immediate and we all learnt with and from each other. We could all friend each other, update, comment, like, chat, tag and immediately see what it looked like on the screens next door. So different than using facebook alone and not knowing how it appears to others.

The outcomes: A parent stated: “There is a real need to teach our students the things that we learnt tonight.”

The google crowdsourced document has been linked to the School blog and the School Facebook page and will be added to when necessary.


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