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Children’s Day India 2013

Today, India celebrates Children’s Day  My wonderful colleague Sebastian Panakal from Kerala, India skyped me yesterday:

 I plan to invite you to wave to a school here in Kerala. If your students too are around, it will be great. The students only need to wave “Happy Childrens’ Day” to the Indian group here. If you have time, you may address the audience with your message, please.

Delightful students from Kerala

Delightful students from Kerala

Daylight saving prevented students from my school connecting as school had finished. However, I was able to speak to a number of delightful students from Kerala who were 7-10 years of age. They presented  well to the camera and addressed me politely and with a smile. After introductions, I asked some questions and discovered that they have special festivities, meals and activities today. In order for this linkup to go ahead, Sebastian had to travel 4 hours on a bus to help these students connect with the globe.  Thanks Sebastian and Ranjith for including me in these celebrations.

Next time, I shall make the time to produce a short address that can be sent to the students should the skype connection fail. These young children are the future of India – they will have the potential to be well educated, to take their communities out of poverty, aid Kerala and India in entering the developed world and enjoy a better standard of living. What would your message be to these young students?

Introductions and testing

This special linkup made me wonder whether Australia celebrated a Children’s Day. A search brought up  a wikipedia page sharing when this day is celebrated in different countries. Australia appears to celebrate a week for children. When do you celebrate Children’s Day? How do you celebrate it?