Learning MS Kodu at Quantum

quantum welcome

Programming the game

Year 9/10 games technology students from Hawkesdale P12 College  travelled by but to Quantum Victoria  to develop their skills in designing and creating games with MS Kodu . These students love to play games, but it is important that they look at creating and not just always consuming!

design your own game

Here is what our day looked like. Students

  • were introduced to the concept of programming and the need for following logical,  precise steps. This was applied  to their favourite games initially.
  • were given an alienware laptop to work with and introduced to MS Kodu via a series of prescribed tutorials
  • designed a game with pen and paper
  • Developed their game
  • Those who finished the game, tested it to ensure it played correctly and then had it evaluated by a peer, who played their game
  • Saved their games on a common usb drive or emailed the game to themselves

Designin the game with pen and paper

Some chose to work as individuals and some as groups. Students enjoyed their day and liked working with MS Kodu. The games have been saved to their network folders and will continue to be work in progress. Students who have completed games will be challenged to add another level.

girls and games

MS Kodu is relatively simple to work with, has good graphics and a great number of resources online. It is also on the student edustar image and therefore accessible on their netbooks and on our school computer network.

hard at work


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