The Changing Space of Learning

Equipment I have taught over the years

Equipment I have taught over the years

When I started teaching just over 30 years ago, I faced my first classes, one of which was a typewriting class. I had never learnt to type so this was a challenge to me! After maternity leave and three children, I returned to teaching to discover that I now had a computer class. When I walked into that classroom, it was the first time that I had seen or touched a computer! I faced a class full of engaged, eager students on Commodore 64s!! I had no idea what I was doing, so I created content as I went along and learnt alongside the students.

Although education as we see it has not changed much, the tools that we use certainly have! These tools and innovative use of technology have the power to change the space of learning as we now know it. Spaces are increasingly becoming digital, virtual, global and mobile. People can learn anywhere, any time and on any topic they like. Learning is increasingly organic and networked but much of this occurs beyond the classroom. The Changing Space of Learning was the topic for my recent presentation for the Reform Symposium Forum online conference.

My presentation will share some stories and experiences from my classroom where technology is immersed. As I teach in a small rural p-12 school in south eastern Australia, my students are culturally and geographically isolated but technology has broken down these physical and social barriers and created many learning spaces. Time will be taken to share some of my favourite tools, how I use them, the impact it has had on learning and the huge influence that professional learning network has had on my teaching and learning. New skills and expertise required of educationalists as learning spaces continue to change will also be discussed.

Please join me for this session and share in and build upon the conversations. How are learning spaces changing for you? What impact has this had on you and your students? What are some of the questions that you have? Please share them as a comment below.

Following is my presentation:-

Or, you can view the recording of my presentation by clicking on this link.


One response to “The Changing Space of Learning

  1. This is really cool! It’s crazy to think about how much the way we learn has changed.

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