21st Century Classroom Management – Connected Cafe #ce13

cem cafe

In 12 hours time, I am proud and excited to be the guest, of Steve Hargadon at the Connected Cafe together with Alice Keeler. The Connected  Cafe is a daily online event is held over week days in the month of October as part of Connected Educator Month.  This webinar is made even more special in that Steve has been instrumental in the development of my professional learning network and largely responsible for me being a connected educator through the membership of  Steve’s Classroom 2.0. It will be 10:30 am in Melbourne, Australia (gmt+11) or check your timezone here.  Click on this the link to join.

Click on this link to listen to the recording of this session.

The topic of conversation will be 21st Century Classroom Management. This is of high interest to me as connected classrooms usually require different and innovative management styles to the traditional classroom. Steve will be the moderator and channel the direction of the conversation. Please join us, share and have some fun together,  but most importantly, let’s keep connecting.

Once this session concludes, I shall write up a post sharing some of the content of this exciting webinar. What do you have to share on this topic? What would your questions be? Do you have experiences to share? What do you think 21st century classroom management covers?

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