International Peace Day 2013 through the eyes of the Young!

International Peace Day is today and is one of global significance.

Year 3/4 ICT class have shared what peace means to them by creating images. These have been put on the presentation below together with some of their quotes. Their ideas varied and were often different to mine. At times, I started to advise them, then thought ‘no’, they are young, they see the world in a different light, from a different perspective and limited experience.  One student sees peace as colourful. I see peace as the opposite to war and war is epitomized as black and white colours in my mind.

Some further activities participated in.

    1.  took part in a google hangout and shared their views with the globe.
    2. some students added their feelings about peace onto Tatyana Chernaya’s peace wall. Why don’t you and your students add to this wonderful wall?

Today, Steve Sherman organised a hangout with Ena Hewitt, who had fascinating experiences to share of her family’s time living in a shack in the township in Mamelodi, South Africa. One of her quotes was quite powerful. She had taken peanut cookies to a lady who lived in the township which kick started the notion of living in the township for a month. Ena said “What are your peanut cookie moments? What can you do to build bridges rather than build walls?”

However, this post will finish with a quote from one of my young year 3 students, Nadia:

I think peace means hope, joyful and means no arguing. I also think it is great to have a special peace day and to enjoy yourself on this special day.

What did you do for International Peace Day? What can you share with us?


4 responses to “International Peace Day 2013 through the eyes of the Young!

  1. On 8 September, 2013, I participated in ‘2013 Run For Peace’ , an event to celebrate and promote Peace two weeks ahead of World Peace Day in my home city of Ipoh in Malaysia. To find out more, please visit this link:

    • Hi Veronica, It is very interesting to see how others around the world celebrate International Peace Day and great to read of your involvement in Malaysia. Hope others will visit the link as well. Thanks for sharing. (Note I have altered the link to the correct one)

  2. Sorry, the link given above has been deleted. This is the correct link:

  3. Sorry, Anne, this is the correct link :

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