International Dot Day 2013!

Students in a number of ICT classes were given the opportunity to create dots for International Dot Day September 15th, 2013. The is a wonderful global project that is simple but very effective in encouraging creativity, courage and collaboration in students.

Here is how it looked:-

  1. Students were read the book “The Dot” or watched the author Peter Reynolds read it to them.
  2. They chose which technology or medium to use. Most chose to create their dots in on desktops or netbooks. Others chose to use the library class set of iPads and the app Doodle Buddy
  3. Students were encouraged to share a little of the Australian culture with their dots. Some did so. We had an Australian flag in a dot, our love of the outdoors and beach in a dot, cricket and a kangaroo in a dot etc
  4. They then saved their dot as a jpg both in their personal folder and a commonly shared folder for me to be able to retrieve them and work with them further for sharing globally.
  5. The dots created by Year 8 students will be uploaded into the relevant  Scratch page and shared on the World Museum site (see our dots in action)  thanks to the work of Yoshiro Myata and Lorraine Leo.

See some other interesting global approaches Dot Day (Malaysia), Ed Tech Blog from Spain


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