Creating a Virtual Museum

Having part of a committee looking at how to introduce, maintain and blend aboriginal studies into the school curriculum across the year levels, one barrier raised was the lack of resources and information on local history, cultural  characteristics etc

This afternoon, I will attend another meeting, where the possibility of setting up a virtual museum that builds  resources over time and that can be accessed by all who may be interested.

Resources and information re Virtual Museums

  1. World’s Largest Aboriginal Museum
  2. Virtual museums developed with powerpoint
  3. What is a virtual museum

What format might this take?

  • a blog
  • a wiki
  • other??

As teachers build resources, they could be added to collaborative documents or pdf files that could be accessed from the online space. Photos, videos etc could be shared etc.

Do you think this is an idea that would work? What suggestions would you have? Do you have any virtual museum websites that you could reccoment for us to look at  or have you taken any virtual tours that impressed you with their quality? Please leave a comment below and share with us, if you can.


2 responses to “Creating a Virtual Museum

  1. Hi Anne

    How about tackling it from the opposite direction? Students have to do it as part of their studies. Why not make them part of the process? For example, we have an Edublogs Campus network in Eastern Europe that has their students work closely with curators from a local castle.

    The students work together in groups to document their learning on a blog while their teachers and curators support their learning. They start off the process with a visit to the castle where they are given the opportunity to choose an artifact to research. They aren’t told what it is or how it is used. The students take photos of their artifact and then go away researching as much as they can about it while documenting the whole process of each blog.

    With an approach like this the students could take their final outcomes and be then incorporating it into your virtual museum; and they could be the builders of it.

    Just a thought any way?

    • Hi Sue, I really like this idea. And as far as possible we will be trying to work this way. However, there are existing resources eg maps that reflect the aboriginal groups and their boundaries etc which we would like to share on a common online space. The online space could link to resources for teachers and then for students etc and also to student work etc. At our meeting we have decided to use the global2 blog campus to create the ‘home’ space and encourage the use of student blogs to share their learning, adding links to them etc. There are approximately 5 schools involved, so all teachers/classes will be able to contribute. So, we may be asking for technical help from you at times. Thanks for taking the time to share your expertise.

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