Where do you shop?

A roadside stall

A roadside stall

Australia has commenced the new national curriculum in core curriculum subjects. The development of the Economics and Business curriculum is now in engagement phase. I have been requested to participate in this and will develop a teaching and learning artefacts.

Year 5 will look at  decision making in relation to “Where do you Shop?” and explore the ways in which the needs and wants of individuals and groups are met by the following shopping options:-

  • roadside stalls
  • markets
  • main streets or high streets
  • shopping centres

If you have time, could you please fill in the following survey so that the data might be used by year 5 students in their learning. Thanks in advance. If you have any questions or comments and suggestions please leave them in a comment below. The data will be also shared via this blog, should others wish to use it in their classrooms.


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