Do you co-create at the elementary level? Flat Classrooms Do! – an #iste13 session

more of the audience

Do you create at the elementary level – Flat Classrooms Do! was the title of one of the spotlight sessions at the recent iste13 conference.

Why did I attend this session? The Flat Classroom projects are at the cutting edge of using technology to truly flatten classroom walls. These projects have provided me with much of my training ground in using web2.0 tools to allow both me and  my classes to learn with the world. They have also provided a supportive network of teachers and students.  As part of this session, I shared briefly on my exciting participation in the K-2 Building Bridges Project with my prep/one students last year.

About this session:- this was a truly flat session! Julie Lindsay (co-founder of the projects together with Vicki Davis) was lead presenter and outlined “Global Collaboration Strategies for Success using the Seven Steps to Flatten your Classroom”. Julie then introduced Flat Classroom® projects for Elementary classroom. There were a number of support presenters – both virtual and face to face. Virtual presenters came in from Indonesia and the USA. Face to face presenters represented a number of countries across the globe.

Julie managing the session

A suite of tools that can flatten classrooms was used and this also provided the virtual presenters and participants with a voice. Blackboard Collaborate was used to videoconference in Theresa Allen, Toni Barton Oliveri and Jason Graham, to enable a chat facility and to record the session. A google document was set up for session participants to share details, questions,  resources etc and a backchannel chat provided a backchannel. Twitter hashtag was #flatiste13. Theresa shared Flat Classroom stories. See her great multi-media presentation below:-

Toni Barton Oliveri talked about project management, building a teacher community and strategies for management – weekly meetings etc  Heather Davis, Cindy Glenn, Sandy Wiesneski (the digitween experience) and yours truly also shared stories and experiences face to face. 

Cindy Glenn shares her stories

Cindy Glenn shares her stories

See the blog post by Julie Lindsay on the Flat Classrooms Ning for resources used and other associated media.


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