Geekbumps and Nerdgasms: Tales from the Cutting Edge – an ISTE13 session with Steve Dembo

This post is part of a series of posts sharing some of my favourite learning and sessions at the recent ISTE13 conference in San Antonio.

Why I attended this session:- The title grabbed me first, I always enjoy sessions led by Steve Dembo and I love to see what new stuff there is in technology. One of the reasons for me coming to ISTE is to see the latest developments. The session was publicised as:-

We’ll pop open the bottomless bag of geekiness and explore gadgets and technologies that are giving us nerdgasms, both inside and outside the classroom! This session will explore the latest and greatest from around the world of technology

Clever use was made of a video camera to project what Steve was demonstrating up onto the side screens for public viewing. Following are some of my brief notes but Steve has generously provided this link to his session:-

  • an interesting demonstration of what some of the most notable ISTE attendees were carrying in their backpack! Intrigue, humour!
  • delivr is a url shortener that provides qr codes
  • a virtual aquarium (which my years 3/4 would love!)
  • makey makey – an invention kit for everyone
  • app tag – first shooter game play in the real world
  • bugasalt  The world’s 1st non-toxic salt rifle; the end to our battle against houseflies! (check out the pesty fly!! on the site)
  • demonstration of a small projector that costs $25.99
  • Crowd funding: kickstarter 
  • capta Stick it, Lean it, Wrap it, Attach it an iPhone accessory – is a kickstarter project
  • pebblewatch the most successful project to date.
  • thisiswhyiambroke  – the Internet’s Mall

Augmented Reality

Google Glass

Thanks Steve, for an engaging session, your enthusiasm and generosity in sharing.


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