Your School Library – Mobile, Flipped, Curated – an #iste13 session

This post is part of a series of posts sharing some of my favourite learning at the recent ISTE conference.


Why this session was chosen!I chanced upon a SIGMS session last year at ISTE and really enjoyed the comraderie, humour and sharing by this librarians’ group.  They lead the way using technology in learning. Although the session was directed at school libraries, much of it could be applied to the classroom and learning generally. The session – Your Library – Mobile, Flipped and Curated  The panel was impressive and included high profile Joyce Valenza, Brenda Boyer, Gwyneth Jones, Michelle Luhtala and Shannon Miller

Here are some tools suggested by the panel and things learnt from this great session.

  • fat url – bulk url opener
  •  smybaloo app
  • fuse: like cameras in a studio. Provides fun and ownership
  • need to learn how to create playlists: edcanvas allows embedding of playlist to curate instruction, adds them as PDF’s et.
  • powtoon – create illustrations for flipping the classroom
  • popcorn maker creates interactive videos or read write videos
  • educlipper

What will be my dashboard?  Explore edcanvas. Students should be taught how to use launch pages. For educators who are into online instructions – what is your parking lot and how do you use these things from the parking lot.

Curation is really the new search.

  • educlipper
  • pinterest
  • scoopit – use as a glossy magazine, choose images, blog, bypasses some filters. Google ‘daring librarian’ as she shows how to do this
  • mentormob – great way to curate resources, research through playlist, can add a quiz in amongst it
  • thinglink – can embed anything into it. Use it as primary source, link to videos and stats etc. Used as a marketing tool for faculty – added top tedx videos for teachers with links in classroom. Thinglink has an app
  • instagrok – presents topics as an interactive visual interface
  • symbaloo
  • smore for online newsletters
  • padlet – wall for posting multi-media
  • edcanvas for teaching digital content
  • mackinvia
  • easybib – free bibliography generator
  • use facebook groups

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