Untangling the Web – Free Tools to Power up your Teaching – a #iste13 session

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This post is part of a series of posts sharing some of my favourite learning at the recent ISTE conference.

Why this session was chosen! – I love to learn about new tools that might be used in the classroom. Adam and Steve were highly recommended as presenters  in social networking circles prior to the conference. They have co-authored an interactive  ebook  Untangling the Web (paperback).

Two perennial popular presenters, Adam Bellow @adambellow and Steve Dembo @teach42, presented in an engaging, humourous, fast paced and action packed style. In fact my Australian ears struggled to keep up at times!  This session shared some favourite online tools to use in the classroom and beyond. See the tools and resources shared on padlet. Following are some of the tools that were stepped through and how they can be used:-

  • padlet – share resources quickly, privacy options, moderation settings. Hook to bring others in, as it enables all types of media.
  • ipiccy as a digital image editing tool is as good as picnic  Even thought it looks elementary, it is intuitive and has the power of adobe photoshop
  • thinglink – creates interactive pictures – easy to add content eg use a map of the local area and then pull in multimedia content via links
  • infogram – has its own graphics and easier to make into graphics
  • The noun project – search for great graphics – some are free but some cost. png files are transparent
  • polleverywhere – infuse learning, draw responses and questions on the fly
  • bighugelabs – easy to use but care needs to be taken with the ads. Use the teacher or educationandstudent login to remove the ads. Can create posters, trading cards, movie posters, graphics quickly
  • signgenerator – creates signs quickly
  • delivr.com – a qr code generator – which is editable over time
  • qrphoria – creates beautiful qr codes
  • aurasma – augmented reality app ie creates qrcodes but without the qr codes. Easy to use
  • wevideo for collaborative mashups – could put movies in shared dropbox, then participants logon with one username and password to create video. They are developing educator accounts. Can add many videos within the one movie

See all the tools and resources shared on padlet. Great to see the variety of ways of sharing presentation resources.

What tools have you used lately to power up teaching and learning? Have you tried any of these? If so what is your opinion?


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