The Global Education Summit #iste13

Some of the participants at the Global Ed Summit

Some of the participants at the Global Ed Summit

ISTE allows people to follow their passions in education and one of mine is global education. A 3 hour Global Education  Summit, held on the Sunday afternoon was organised by Lucy Gray and Steve Hargadon. A series of ignite sessions interspersed workshop sessions.

Projects or initiatives were pitched during collaboration time and attendees joined a group related to their interests. Facilitators led groups related to a global organization, a specific global project, a collaboration tool, an global event, or a specific concept related to global collaboration. See the groups here. I offered to facilitate a group on “Global Projects for Beginner”.  Videoconferencing in external global participants was considered but internet access was not strong enough and noise levels too loud.

Some of our group

Some of our group

A google document was set up for sharing participant details, resources, questions etc. This group had a great mix of experienced global educators including Peggy George (Classroom2.0LIVE, Bron Stuckey (Quest Atlantis, Games Based Learning and Minecraft), Sue Wyatt (Student Blogging Challenge) and Heather Davis (a Flat Classroom Certified Teacher), mix of representatives from a number of continents and countries and people who were passionate about collaborating on or starting a global project. Highlights included networking with many, hearing from the Summit Facilitators and hearing from a young 9 year old student, Bailey, who wished to start a global project involving m & m’s.

People were given the option to participate in two groups. Following are some of the topics discussed in our group:-

  • where to find partners
  • how to get started
  • the challenges
  • some existing activities for collaboration
  • where to promote your global projects
  • where to find projects
  • favourite tools – synchronous and asynchronous
  • suggestions for overcoming challenges
A collection of connections

A collection of connections

How can you share:

  1. If you have any ideas on any of these topics, please add to the Collaborative Google Document.
  2. Join the Global Projects for Beginners Group on the Flat Classroom Conference ning and share in the conversations or start your own discussion topic.
  3. Add a comment below
  4. Attend the online Global Education Conference later on this year.

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