Yes Ma’am! Texas, here I am!

cowboy artefacts

After a few challenges and potential mishaps on my journey over, I arrived to hot weather in San Antonio. After arriving in Dallas and passing through immigration and security, I checked in my luggage and got my boarding pass for the last leg of the journey to San Antonio. I proceeded onto the lounge at the boarding gate and rested my head on the seat. To my consternation, I heard myself snore, woke myself up, turned around and saw an empty lounge and the last of the people boarding. Lucky I woke up then! The plane was full and there were 6 or 7 people listed on standby.

Arriving at Dallas, I waited at the carousel for my luggage, and waited and waited with another 8 people. The ‘last bag’ sign came up and it was then we realised our bags were not there. After queuing at the luggage office we discovered our bags were on the next flight to Dallas. After a 20 -25 min wait, they arrived and it was out into the fresh air  and onto my accommodation.

yellow rose

I prefer to stay in bed and breakfasts in areas where the locals live. So, my home for the next 5 nights is the Yellow Rose Bed and Breakfast, a magnificent old home built by the Germans in the 1800s. The area is historical,very beautiful and it is just a 15 minute walk to the Convention Centre.

The Alamo

The Alamo

Time should be taken to get a feel for the country and the area that I am located in. Travel brings history and geography to life.  Fortunately, Sunday morning was a quiet time, so it was great to be able to follow @ronnieburt as our tour guide and be part of my bloggers network of @suewaters @lindayollis and @tracywanatbe We walked through the centre of San Antonio, noted the number of trams (or trolleys) that drove along the streets and on to the Alamo, a site of historical significance and sentimental value to Texans. As a child I watched many films on Davey Crocket and it was of high interest to see some of his artefacts.

the river park

Another popular tourist attraction is the River Park. The river is absolutely beautiful, lined with many restaurants, casual and formal diners and magnificent shrubbery, making it a true River Park. There are many bright colours to be seen, reflecting the Mexican and Spanish influence and the impact of  cowboys and cowgirls can be seen in the many artefacts found in the souvenir shops.  The people are warm, friendly and laid back.


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