What’s on the Menu? #ISTE13


What is on the menu for #ISTE13 for those interested in education? Following are some of the courses offered and some of the offerings I want to experience. There is almost something to taste 24/7.

Entrees or Starters

Saturday June 22nd: The annual favourite Hack Education, originally known as the EdubloggerCon is often a highlight on the social networkers’ calendar. This is an unconference on teaching and learning and is where I would be if my flight got in early enough. The alternatives include a range of workshops and learning sessions. Check out twitter #iste13 for many of the impromptu sessions.

Sunday June 23rd: Again a range of workshops are  being offered, learning station sessions and summits. Where will I be? I will be at the Global Education Summit – a summit led by Steve Hargadon and Lucy Gray. The Opening Ignite Session is a great option. Ignite sessions offer the opportunity to listen to a number of speakers present on a chosen topic.


The keynotes are always a highlight and I am looking forward to Jane McGonigal on Epic Leadership: Beyond the Hype of Gamification and Adam Bellow as he has invited me to Change the World.  Another keynote session that I will attend is by John Spencer Education Rethink as part of the SIGMS breakfast  annual breakfast meeting. My planner is overflowing with a selection of concurrent sessions and learning station sessions. Some that are top of my list include a Birds of a Feather Session: Global Collaboration in the Flat Classroom which Sandy Wisneski and I are leading on Monday late afternoon, further IGNITE sessions, the Playgrounds – Digital Age Media Centre Learning, Mobile Learning, Interactive Videoconferencing, Digital Storytelling etc and much more.

The interactive videoconferencing playground 2012

The interactive videoconferencing playground 2012


Even when the formal sessions each day are finished, there are many opportunities for socializing, making for great desserts. Some that I will be attending include The Opening Social (last year many Mexican foods were up for tasting),  The Ed TechWomen at ISTE  dinner on Monday night and the EdTech Karaoke on Tuesday 25th. Following #iste13 on twitter will give you many options, both planned and unplanned.

Peggy George and Steve Hargadon near the Bloggers Cafe 2012

Peggy George and Steve Hargadon near the Bloggers Cafe 2012

The Sides

The places I enjoy returning to relax, in between the courses, are the Bloggers Cafe where there is the opportunity to relax, network with many and think about the next thing on the menu! The Social Butterfly Lounge is another great spot to network and coming from Australia, I shall be seeking our the International Educators lounge. Many of the Unplugged events  offer opportunities for networking on a more informal level.

Meeting Susie Nestico face to face at Bloggers Cafe 2012

Meeting Susie Nestico face to face at Bloggers Cafe 2012

The menu is such a comprehensive one that readers and participants will need to  check out the program for a full listing. Bon appetit!

Are you attending ISTE13? If so what do you suggest are the ‘not to be missed’ opportunities? Are you attending any of the sessions mentioned above?


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