Student Led Learning – Impromptu class

A Bioloid Robot

A Bioloid Robot

At my absolute most crazily busy time, today, a year 10 student caught me  as I was ‘flying’ down the corridor to get some of my many pending tasks done, and asked if I would like to see his robot. My reaction was ‘No, sorry, I dont have time just now’.  However, back at my desk, I thought about it, decided to find Nathan and told him that I would like to see it.

He carefully unlocked his locker, produced a blue zipped bag and proudly showed me the bioloid robot he had built from a kit. I was really impressed and immediately thought of my year 3/4 ICT class who I had after lunch. This class consists of 26 lively students, several with severe behaviour problems and who are always a challenge to teach. Nathan agreed to come to class with me and show the robot.

nathan and robot

My original year 3/4 class plan:

  • insert photos of the CMA trailer which came to school as part of World Environment Day into MS Powerpoint
  • Label photos with arrows or other shapes and text boxes
  • make the presentation as appealing as possible.

That careful plan was completely overtaken with the entry of Nathan.

Here is how it actually looked:

  • Nathan appeared with his netbook in a black case and the blue case
  • Students were given turns to guess what was in the blue case (they guessed all sorts of things but not the robot)
  • Nathan revealed the robot and setup his netbook
  • Students asked questions of him before he demonstrated what the robot could to
  • He than showed many of the tricks that the robot was capable of, talked about the reason for the netbook etc and then…… the battery died!
  • Nathan hooked his netbook up to the interactive whiteboard and proceeded to show them that user documentation (as the kids wanted to know how he found out how to put the robot together). It had text, images with shapes and textboxes, videos etc. The students could see labelling images in real life situations.
  • Again Nathan continued taking command of the class and facilitating the lesson. Much to the delight of the students, he pulled up a youtube video on  Gangnam Style Parody Bioloid Robot ( I need to find out if this was correct link as I thought it was in English)
  • Meantime, his friend, Aaron took photos of the robot for students to create a PowerPoint presentation and some video footage of the demonstration.
Viewing the youtube video

Viewing the youtube video

With no prior planning but an amazing teachable opportunity, there was an engaging lesson for those young students taken completely impromptu by a year 10 student who shared his passion. Best of all there were no behaviour problems. Nathan and Aaron returned to maths, giving my class 20 minutes to start their powerpoint presentation on the Bioloid Robot. Students were completely engrossed on this task, adding the images, labelling the robot and giving the robot a name.

Tomorrow, I shall show them how to insert some of the video footage and hyperlink  text to take them to the youtube video. They will then add a slide for credits and more!

Never again, will I be in too much of a hurry to see what a student would like to show me!


2 responses to “Student Led Learning – Impromptu class

  1. Congrats Nathan – both on creating the robot AND on teaching the class! Anne, thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks Karen, rather an amazing lesson to witness – no need for crowd control at all – just one student sharing his passion and the others highly interested in it.

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