Ten Things To Do before #ISTE13

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As ISTE13 is rapidly approaching, it is time to get organised for attendance at my second ISTE conference. Last year, I was a ‘newbie’ but this year I am a little wiser!  It is remarkable to think that I arrive in Dallas, Texas, a mere 30 mins later than my departure time from Sydney Australia.  Although I eave at 1:25pm on Saturday, June 22nd from Sydney my arrival time in Dallas is 1:45pm Saturday June 22nd. Another short flight will take me to San Antonio.  I shall be experiencing the challenge of time zones that are constantly faced virtually when connecting with educators and classes globally! If only that flight was not quite so long!

10 things to do before iste13

ISTE is huge and there is so, so much to choose from. In order to be best prepared and ensure the best possible experience, lots can be done before arriving at ISTE13, San Antonio. Here are 10 things that I shall be doing prior to leaving.

  1. Regularly check the conference website for updates, information etc.
  2. Join the ISTE13 ning for networking prior to and during the conference. The chat feature of the ning is great and already several conversations have taken place with presenters, participants and ISTE organisers. As an Australian, I have joined the Australia group and the International Educators Group. A close eye will also be kept on discussions, the events publicised on the right hand sidebar of the ning and the social events . Another great group for those who are new is ISTE13 for Newcomers (Lots of great conversations there)
  3. Add  #ISTE13 to tweetchat for updates, news and events, blog posts re ISTE, conversations, potential people to network with, extra events offered, people who may be promoting their events/presentations (as I will add some to my program upon further investigation) etc and #SIGMS will be monitored as well. (Special Interest Groups)
  4. Download the conference app to my iPad or see the
    Apple App Store, Google Play and via the mobile web.
  5. Check out the ISTE unplugged events. These events are great for socializing, networking and meeting f2f with online colleagues. I would love to attend Hack Education on the Saturday and the Hack Education Party on the Saturday night but my flight times will not let me do that.
  6. Register for the EdTech Women Dine at ISTE
  7. Organise some business cards to share. Love this post on 5 easy tips to making out of this world business cards.
  8. Join some  pre-conference webinars or listen to the recordings. Two that should not be missed are  i) ISTE Tips and and Tricks Webinars  (link to recording) which although particularly aimed at newbies is fantastic for all and ii) ISTE Inspire, Hot Tips to Maximize your Experience from one of my favourite communities – the Teacher Librarians. Here is the recording link. And there are more – ISTE 2013Tips and Tricks, Jeff Bradbury and Adam Bellow on Teachercast, Q & A Google Hangout
  9. Check for updates to the Top Tips for an ISTE conference forum
  10. Start adding workshops/presentations etc to “my program” so I do not miss out.
  11. and one more……. study carefully Cybraryman’s ISTE page

What would you suggest is something to be done before ISTE13?

5 responses to “Ten Things To Do before #ISTE13

  1. I am jealous! Lucky you; I wish I was going with you. I was in Plano, Texas for a 9 week Java PD (while working for EDS Canada) in 2000. Great place! Try to get to a rodeo and you can’t leave Texas without a pair of cowboy boots! 🙂

    • annemirtschin

      Hi Elke, thanks for all the tips on visiting Texas. My limited knowledge is of the Beverley Hillbillies which I used to love watching on TV when I was a child. I want to get some cowboy/girl clothes for my grandchildren as well. Thanks for the comment

  2. I’m very jealous! One day I will make it to ISTE!
    I hope you have a fabulous time over there.


    • annemirtschin

      Hi Stef, I hope you can go to ISTE as well one day. It is fantastic. However, our Australian Educators conference is great too and it will be held in Adelaide next year so that is a little more affordable. Hope the school reporting season is going well with you!

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