Creating an educational hashtag

Most of my working life is spent teaching at Hawkesdale P12 College but for one day per week, I also work for Digital Learning, Victorian Department of Education as a Web or Virtual Conference coach helping teachers in to use  Blackboard Collaborate, MS Lync, Skype and Polycom Equipment. There are 4 other coaches appointed to this position.

For some time, we have wanted to keep track of tweets that might mention virtual conferencing in education and learning.  However, we need a hashtag which needs to be unique and short in length. After some discussion, it was decided to use #edvc (educational virtual conferencing).  Education is the main objective so “ed” comes first, then the vc for virtual conferencing. Here is what I did:-

  1. thought up a generic hashtag that was broad and global in nature and not confined to any specific organisation
  2. checked whether #edvc was already used. Online searches failed to come up with any finds.
  3. registered the hashtag with hashtags, tag definitions and twubs
  4. sent out a tweet with the hashtag
A tweet displaying the new hashtag

A tweet displaying the new hashtag

The resultant photo is shared below:-

A student proudly shares her Great Grandfather's army uniform

A student proudly shares her Great Grandfather’s army uniform

If you use twitter and conference virtually with others, it would be great if you could share with this hashtag.


2 responses to “Creating an educational hashtag

  1. Nice creative way of coming up with #edvc hashtag. Will use your hashtag.

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