An essential online profile

My incomplete edmodo profile!

My incomplete edmodo profile!

This note came to me from Vivienne Tucker, the moderator of an edmodo group in education.

I am always happy to have new teachers join our group. However, I have become very wary of accepting requests to join if the teacher profile is completely empty. If you know of teachers wanting to join, I really need a little information in the profile, so as to be sure it is a bona fide teacher, and not a student posing as a teacher. There has been a little trouble with this in some groups. I have quite a few requests from teachers with profiles which are completely empty. Cheers 🙂

This is also true of me when accepting contacts in skype or twitter, unless the person has added a note to explain what their interest and role is in education, I do not accept them. The balance is between transparency  and sharing too much personal information.

Why do’t people maintain an adequate profile on online sites:-

  • complete newbie and do not know how to complete their profile or
  • feel cyber insecure and do not wish to divulge too much about themselves but then risk the problems of not being accepted into some wonderful communities and networks.
  • do not understand the significance of having an online profile and/or the potential networking that can evolve.
  • time poor – hurriedly register for recommended sites and forget to fully complete the profile
Where to edit a profile!

Where to edit a profile!

It is essential to have a good profile (or digital id/badge), an online site or public web presence, eg a blog, a wiki, a personal webpage, a twitter id and a consistent avatar in this world of emerging technology. Potential connectees have somewhere to learn more about you, understand what you are passionate about or interested in and make and maintain connections. Online business cards are an option –, flavorsme (See Jess McCulloch flavorsme) etc

Why be connected?-

  • share conversations/learn from and with each other
  • stay up to date with trends, grab new ideas
  • get help with issues/problems NOW!
  • enjoy Professional Development 24/7
  • supportive friendship group
  • be part of  a “global, networked brain”

A profile should share or feature

  • online sites eg blogs, websites etc
  • current position or interest in education (if an educator)
  • twitter handle, linked in profiles
  • Passions and interests

Check out some sites to find where your profile may be found online – peekyou, tagwalk  Do you know of others? What can you share? Ensure that your blog or online space has an ‘About Me’ page or widget.

What would you add to the importance of an online profile? Hmm… that reminds me that I must complete my edmodo profile!


2 responses to “An essential online profile

  1. This is very important. I’ve blogged about this a few times too and I think it’s important to also be teaching these benefits to students. I mainly stick to my blog and Twitter, although I have other accounts too, and I make a point of using the same photos and also the same username and I have explicit links between them so viewers can easily see the link.

    • Thanks Elke for sharing your support and further tips. I agree that consistency is essential. My blog and twitter are also my most used online spaces.

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