Localization of Blog Posts

Armenian translation of a post on skype

Armenian translation of a post on skype

Several years ago, I wrote a post Using Skype in the Classroom.  This is still one of my favourite tools for connecting and collaborating.

Several months ago, I received a request from Leyli who described herself as

a student at the Department of Foreign Languages and at the same time a volunteer at an organization named “Translation for Education”. I love surfing on the Internet and being informed about the latest happenings around me. Unfortunately, most of my fellow citizens don’t know English, so that makes them feel somehow excluded from all this variety of useful info from the Internet.That was the reason that made me decide to start being a volunteer at such an NGO. So I created a blog, where I post translations of some of the texts that really caught my attention. Sometimes it’s a simple description of some organization, and sometimes it might be a narrowly specialized scientific article.

You can read the Armenian translation here. I was intrigued to read that this is called localizing online content.  I had to google where Armenia was, so thank you, Leyli for adding to my world geography.


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