Equinox Day Around the World

Students at a football clinic with Geelong AFL player Daniel Menz

Students at a football clinic with Geelong AFL player Daniel Menz

Equinox Day occurs in autumn for us. March 21st, was a day of all seasons, starting with warm sunny conditions and then ending with strong winds that blew down many tree limbs in our main street and blowing in glass panels of a local church. Our school had to call in an emergency plumber to nail down the roof of our Technology wind as it threatened to blow away!

This simple project came to my attention through our Hello Little World Skypers Group via Janet Barnstable. Here is the request:-

Is March 21 Spring or Fall in your part of the world?  Or do your seasons not change much at all? Send us ONE picture of your Equinox Day and let’s look at the whole world.  All we ask is that the picture be taken on March 21, 2013. Along with the picture send your name, your city, country (Canada and USA please add State/Province)

You can see the resultant photos by clicking on the GVC Clubhouse wiki page.

My photo above shows our students in action during a popular football clinic with two Geelong AFL players teaching our primary school students some skills when playing footy (Australian Rules Football). Although it is autumn, our Sunsmart School status requires us to wear hats during term 1 and 4. However, most students could not keep their hats on with the wind blowing as it was.

Keep your eye on twitter or your favourite global groups as simple projects like these do not take much time yet lead to much learning and sharing about our world! What simple projects have you been involved in?


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