Excellence in Professional Practice Conference

Bringing the World In

Bringing the World In

Today, I am proud to be presenting at a national conference – Excellence in Professional Practice for ACER  on the Gold Coast of Australia. This post is primarily for my workshop participants to share conversations, grab the resources from my presentation, ask questions and generally interact.

My topic is: The World is My Classroom. To make it as interactive as possible:

  • A google document for participants to add details, questions, archive resources etc
  • A backchannel using backchannelchat for conversations and to bring outside parties in. (Note that this backchat is only active and open when I am logged in.)
  • Follow the tweetfall using tweetchat

As Australia commences its new national curriculum, my presentation emphasises how technology can be used to engage with Asia beyond textbooks. Another national curriculum push is studying globalization – another passion of mine!

Other tools used included moourl shortener to shorten the urls. It allows the user to choose an extension name and quikr to create qr codes. Here are the resultant qr codes

Follow the twitterfall from the hashtag #aueppc

Link to google doc

Link to google doc

Link to backchannel

Link to backchannel




2 responses to “Excellence in Professional Practice Conference

  1. Hi Anne. Excellent presentation! It was lovely to have the chance to talk to you over lunch today. Have a safe trip home tonight and have fun at school tomorrow. 🙂

    • Thanks, Elke for your comments. We did get home okay but it was very late. There was fog, kangaroos and wallabies on the road as we got within 30 mins of home. Hope you also got home safely and enjoyed your day too. Please stay in touch.

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