Playing Games in Skype

Memory in a bag of objects

Memory in a bag of objects

Yesterday, I noticed a facebook update from my innovative colleague, Endang Palupi from Indonesia. She was working with a school 6 hours from her home, demonstrating the ‘magic’ of skype in the classroom with them.

This time Endang asked us to use games, singing etc over skype with these students. I wracked my brains (as I am certainly no good with singing) as to what game I could play. Then decided on a memory game. Here is what it looked like:-

  1. Collect 10 objects and place them in a bag (eg scissors, newspaper, mug, ruler, dice, flag etc)
  2. Display each one, one at a time  to the distant class over skype
  3. Say the name of the object
  4. Hide the objects back in the bag
  5. Students  come up to the webcamera, name each of the 10 objects in the language of the initiating class.
  6. Students could then name them in their first language and the other class repeat the name.

Taking the learning further – share the current news from the newspaper  of each school over the webcam, discuss the flags, compare what is in their pencil cases etc. I could have put my mobile phone in and then we discuss favourite technology, favourite use of phones etc

I wondered what other teachers do apart from Mystery Skype, straight question and answer etc. So a public collaborative google document was created for you or others to add ideas to. To ensure you can always retrieve it, bookmark the website or goto share, add your email address in there and it will be approved.

It is hoped that this will become an ongoing rich resource of sharing by teachers wishing to collaborate beyond classroom walls. What ideas do you have for both younger and older students. Please share them with us all.


One response to “Playing Games in Skype

  1. I have a Workshop on Saturday 23 Feb between 10 am to 3 pm, Indian Standard Time (GMT + 5 hours 30 Minutes). Can we play the game for my learners? Anytime between 10 am to 3 pm would do..

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