Rethink Reimagine 2013 Conference

Today, I am at the Rethink Reimagine Conference at Deakin University, Warrnambool. I shall be presenting at three workshops on the theme of “The World is My Classroom”

Below is a summary of my presentation. A google document has been set up for networking, resources mentioned, questions, sharing and evaluation. The backchannel can be found here. The twitter hashtag is #rethink2013

As our globe increasingly flattens, global education is taking on escalating importance. The use of online technology and free web 2.0 tools allows us to connect, communicate, collaborate and create across the world. It means that virtual, global, and culturally-blended classrooms are not just a dream, they can be a reality.

One of the underlying themes of our new National Australia curriculum is “Asia and Australia’s engagement with Asia”, so an emphasis will be placed on Asian connections and collaboration.

This presentation will

  • share stories from the classroom
  • demonstrate global projects that have been undertaken from year prep through to year 11, taking learning beyond classroom walls.
  • Share Web2.0 tools to use for synchronous and non-synchronous connections and ways to use them.
  • Explore different ways to get connected to educators including global and
  • Explain some spaces to join in on global projects.
  • Discuss digital citizenship, netiquette, plagiarism etc

A similar presentation can be found here.


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