Things to do over the summer break!

the beach

Last summer I wrote a post on “Ten things to do over the Summer Break“. This summer I could have:-

  • Updated my blog – given it a complete summer clean!
  • Updated my profiles on many networking sites
  • Completed the challenge by linkedin to ensure my profile is noteworthy
  • Listened to many of the recorded sessions from the Global Education Conference that I missed
  • Played further with google hangouts
  • Written many blog posts including a reflective summary of 2012 and so much more….

Instead, I have taken deliberate time off, from being online, and:-

  • Travelled to Sth Africa to spend Christmas and New Year with our son and his family who live there
  • Spent further quality time with our grandchildren, daughter and her husband camping  by the sea.
  • Revitalised my energy in preparation for the 2013 school year.

It can be extremely demanding to maintain an online presence and to work in eLearning and digital learning. I found 2012 a challenging year  teaching prep through to year 12.

Sometimes we simply need time out from our online existence. Time must be spent with family and physical friends and a forced break from the online presence does not mean that you have missed out on many things, rather it gives an increased enthausiasm and  renewed energy levels.

Today as teachers return to school in Victoria, it is time for me to network, catch up with emails, check out twitter updates, read some blog posts and continue that online existence.


One response to “Things to do over the summer break!

  1. Welcome back. I am glad you had a restful summer. May this be your best year yet, what are you going to be teaching?

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