There was a time ……

girl at fruit stall

There was a time when:-

  • The world was considered to be flat
  • but was then discovered as being round
  • and now increasingly “flat” again as technology breaks down the barriers of hemispheres, oceanic and climatic divisions, time zones, festival seasons, communication, culture, language, ideologies, passions and religion.

There was a time ……. when I learnt about the world through a text book or through the knowledge or travel experiences of my family, teachers and friends.  I thought that:-

  • Christmas was celebrated by Christians across the world on the same day – 25th December and that everyone across the globe knows about Christmas
  • New Year occurred for all on the 1st January each year: the Chinese people celebrate theirs 4-6 weeks or so after us, depending on the moon , the muslim community celebrate a couple of weeks before us – first sighting of the new Moon crescent in the month of Muharram, so date may vary with location.) See 11 cultures that do not experience New Year on Jan 1st.
  • People across the world have 26 letters in their alphabets.  How many letters are there in the alphabet?
  • We all used the same calendar year and everyone experiences 365 days in a year.
  • All  countries experience four seasons

different seasons - africa

  • School years start and finis on the same dates globally
  • School weeks are always from Monday to Friday
  • The hours of school attendance are the same
  • Education was a right that all should and do actually experience
  • We all have the right to freedom of speech
  • Personal safety is a right not a privelege
  • ………And so much more that this will require another post

Now, through an amazing global professional network that spans countries across the world from developed to developing countries, across hemispheres, time zones, geographical barriers, language difficulties, ideologies etc that my knowledge, understanding, perception and experience of the world is through the ‘eyes’, experiences, feelings and passions of those who live there. Empathy, tolerance, compassion and a deeper appreciation of what the world is about, why it is what it is and an ever increasing acceptance that the majority of global citizens want peace, happiness, a healthy world – a world featuring tolerance, empathy and generosity to those who have less.

And now my

  • family 
  • classes
  • staffroom
  • professional learning network
  • knowledge is increasingly …….


To those who of you who have just celebrated New Year on the 1st Jan, the time when my country celebrates it – a happy and peaceful New Year to you.  Looking forward to learning from and with you in 2013 (or the year that you celebrate).

New Year in Sth Africa with familyy
(New Year’s Day was spent in Sth Africa with family members 2013)


2 responses to “There was a time ……

  1. Happy New Year to you too Anne! I am looking forward to more of your inspirational and thought-provoking posts in 2013. 🙂

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