Pic Collage – a favourite app

chinese food dayr

One of my favourite and most used apps this year was pic collage. The image above was put together using this app. The photo is of our canteen manager and Wang-Yi our Chinese teacher assistant.

Pic Collage is user friendly, is free,   allows photos to be taken within the app, or inserted from the photo gallery or the web. Text and stickers can also be added to the collage. The free app comes with a basic gallery of stickers with an option to purchase more.

Our library has a class set of iPads that students may borrow for use in the classroom. It is always great to give students an app to work with, watch what they create and how they create an outcome to get an idea of what the app can produce.  Below are two collages created by year 10 students, of our school vegetable garden. The garden produces some wonderful herbs and vegetables for use in the school canteen or in cookery classes. As summer is now here, the beds have been cleaned up and replanted in readiness for the summer time break. Can you see what has been planted by the year 6 students?

vegetable collager


2 responses to “Pic Collage – a favourite app

  1. Hi Anne,
    Sounds like a fabulous app. Thanks for sharing. I’m looking forwarding to checking this app out!
    Cheers, Suse

  2. Oops, slip of the fingers – I’m looking forward to checking this app out! (not, forwarding).

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