Getting the most out of Polycom Videoconferencing Equipment

libby hathorn closer up

These notes were taken at the recent Perfecting the Blend Conference at Mt Clear in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia.  Lynette  Whitfield was the presenter.

Mobile videoconferencing

As students bring in more tools, schools and Polycom add more opportunities for these tools. Students collaborate on a daily basis using iPhones, iPads and other mobile devices. Polycom now has a mobile app for iDevices, smart phones etc  allowing students to connect tablets and smart phones with other standards based video systems. Teachers and students  can add active touch monitors and now use with Polycom. See the guide.

Sharing files:-

  • Capturing the content – if a student comes with something on her iPad, can share file through touch screen, saved to thumb drive and sent to LMS.
  • can save screen or email to students.
  •  Using airplay – going back to regular iPad, shutting off content. Using BYOD, connecting with HDX, sharing and uploading.

iPad – apple TV, cannex connector which goes into codec .Can use touch panel  Interactive whiteboard in session. New software uploads makes it available to users.

Students working from home, can

  • download video app or android.
  • Join call from home.
  • Uses wireless or 3G.

Use these extra features not as a top on but capability to bring relevance into curriculum. Always tie the context to students. Use technology to enrich curriculum and engage students as never before.

A stylus can be used to double touch.  Need a thumb drive so can save files for uploading, or to email out to students. Dialling in on iPad enables the user to start a whiteboard collaboration and another person can take control and annotate on that whiteboard as well.

Flip the  classroom, spend less time on presenting content than diving into the context. Put students in teams even though geographically dispersed. Students drop into individually setup meeting rooms and come back into the big virtual meeting room.  Polycom have announced cloud access – skype, iCloud, google etc will all be able to have access.  Get link, click on link and actually join conference (just  like skype) with people you can drag into the conference. In meeting invite there will be link to join and can connect.

Some ideas for use

Languages:  eg if students live in a rural state – with not all classes available at all high schools – don’t have teachers for all languages.  One class – teach Spanish, French and German from across state. Students can join collaboration around the planet. or http://www.polycom  Goto Education Section. Could interact with USA learning mandarin Chinese students who are just learning Chinese rather than with Chinese people. Ask questions in Chinese students and students answer back in English from China. Students use videoconferencing. They want to use these, they want to use their iPhone or iPad. Throw up ppt slide using polleverywhere and can quiz students.

Adjusting to what students are expecting in a school environment. Connecting back on phones on sporting excursion with school, if on holidays, then can conference back into school or can share what they are actually doing. Use app to connect in to use mobile devices.

Pixellation and quality of video depends on network of each school and how many are using network at same time, downloads, no. connecting through network.  Lessons can be recorded





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