MS Lync for education


MS Lync is now available to all Victorian Education Department staff and should replace MS Communicator as a tool for communication. The following notes were taken from a session by Graeme Oswin of the Grampians Regional Office. MS Lync is a virtual meeting software that is being considered for general classroom us.


  • Free to Victorian  Education Department staff
  • Available to all staff
  • Simple to use
  • Powerful sharing and collaboration features
  • Person to person or group conferences
  • Scales  well – Video Conferencing equipment does not scale well.
  • Integrated with MS Office
  • Windows and Mac versions
  • Distribute large files and attachments
  • Conferences recordable
  • Integrated with Polycom VC units

Video does not work well in online version with eg global connections.


  • Requires computers to be online
  • No direct student access
  • Students  would need to use teacher login
  • Less suited to large groups – best used for individuals with headset
  • Does not support advanced camera actions such as pan and zoom


  • New video call, share whiteboard, with annotation tools at the bottom.
  • Can create groups in projects
  • Set availability
  • Can send email for meeting alerts

Have you used MS Lync for online meetings or for classroom use with students? If so, what do you have to share? Please leave any questions or experiences as a comment.


One response to “MS Lync for education

  1. I have used MS Lync successfully for many online meetings and have found it to be much more reliable than many of the other products available for online meetings. Where you have mentioned student access as a “con”, this is only related to access on the DEECD staff domain; if DEECD was wanting to get behind this they could enable the student domain they created for the Ultranet, or allow trusted domains on their staff domain. These options bring complications with them, however, they are possible. If you want to enable teachers and students to communicate together via Lync your school can sign up for a free Microsoft Office 365 account which has Lync built in, you can find the details here:

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